Monday, November 24, 2008

Veterans honoring veterans – ‘Roger that’

"Spike Schau – a 49-year-old veteran – is re-enlisting in the Navy (which has a maximum re-enlistment age of 50). Schau had a three-year gap in service and has five years to go to retirement. To be in the armed forces has an emotional appeal for him, but perhaps what runs deeper is riding his Harley with the Patriot Guard Riders."

He received photos, folded flags, a golden spike, jokes, jibes, love, hugs, plaques, a prayer (“Dear God, please bring Spike safely home”) and a “Go Navy, Baby” T-shirt with the requisite, curvy and jutting scantily clad damsel at a ship’s helm. Shy shining Heidi, Spike’s pre-teen daughter, wrote a piece read by his fiancée. Heidi enjoyed playing dominoes with him, although he always won and playing UNO and he would always say “Darn” when picking up the cards.
Tami Jenkins from Delta Blue Star Moms hugged Spike. “You always cry,” said Spike. “And then you make the bikers cry.”

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Anonymous said...

Tami Jenkins is a member of the Blue Star Moms, East Bay Chapter 101, not Delta Blue Star Moms