Saturday, February 27, 2010

Tammy Hayes: A mother on a mission

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Tammie Hayes is a mother on a mission. She emailed both Molly Grantham and Keith Larson letting them know she is starting a chapter of "Blue Star Mothers" for Mecklenburg and Gaston counties.

"Blue Star Mothers" is a support group for mothers who have sons or daughters who are serving in the military overseas.

As Molly and Keith interviewed Hayes, she mentioned dads can join, but they are not allowed to vote.

An entertaining conversation ensued during the WBT radio interview on Thursday, Feb. 25.

If you would like to contact Tammie and help get this chapter started, email her at

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

ASU Gammage hosts military family night | ASU News

ASU Gammage hosts military family night ASU News: "ASU Gammage played host to more than 200 members of military families Feb. 16, as it is provided tickets to families of deployed military personnel to attend Broadway performances.
Family members of the deployed and soon-to-be-deployed soldiers from around the state had the opportunity to see the Disney musical 'Mary Poppins' and meet with the cast.
“ASU Gammage is honored to be able to open its doors to military families,' said Colleen Jennings-Roggensack, ASU Gammage executive director. 'These families sacrifice much for our country – it is our privilege to let them enjoy an evening at the theater together for such an inexpensive cost.”

“Family First Nights is a program that is very well suited to supporting the cultural, entertainment and educational wishes of Arizona National Guard Families," said Major Paul Aguirre, the Arizona National Guard public affairs officer. "It is with great excitement, enthusiasm and gratitude that we look forward to attending the events of the upcoming season at ASU Gammage."
The program is made possible with the generosity of The Broadway League; Retired Command Sergeant Major Chuck Van Dam, a longtime ASU Gammage donor and patron; US Airways; Blue Star Moms; and the Association of the United States Army (AUSA). This three-year program is a partnership with ASU Gammage and The Broadway League's Family First Nights program specifically designed to encourage at-risk families to attend theater on a regular basis.
ASU Gammage also hosted military families to see "Little House on the Prairie" last December and will host families again in June for the 2008 Tony Award-winning musical "In the Heights." For more information about Military Family First Nights, please call (480) 965-5062."

An Officer and a Nurse: My Welcome Home

An Officer and a Nurse: My Welcome Home: "When I landed at SFO today I was met not only by my family but also the Warrior's Watch Riders who escorted us to my parent's home. When we arrived in Walnut Creek we were met by the Walnut Creek Police Department to continue the trip home. It was an awesome sight!!!"
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Legion Riders to honor military

"The building that houses American Legion Post 507 was donated to the group by silent Western film star William S. Hart in 1941. It cost $25,000 to build and had 400 seats. Admission for adults was 30 cents and 10 cents for children."
The building still stands, but instead of films, the space is a gathering space for American veterans.Erik Lindgreen, of the newly formed American Legion Riders Post 507, said the group will host a barbecue event Saturday to honor all active, recently discharged military and Blue and Gold Star mothers.

more... The Signal - Santa Clarita Valley News - Legion Riders to honor military:

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Blue Star moms' homefront aid

Tribune correspondent
Published: February 17, 2010
PLANT CITY - Jo Ann Ross is one of many area mothers who knows the joy of welcoming home a loved one from dangerous duty on foreign soil.
Her sons, Army Spc. Austin Matthew and Army Capt. Chris Matthew, along with Chris' wife, Army Capt. Katie Matthew, have served in Iraq, Afghanistan or both. All three returned to the States safely.
As she awaited their safe return, Ross found support from the Blue Star Mothers of America, a nonpartisan, nonpolitical organization of mothers who have, or have had, children serving in the military."

Blue Star moms' homefront aid:

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Girl Scout cookies are in

"Thin Mints, Peanut Butter Patties, Caramel deLites and more have gone out to all corners of Aiken County, but don't be discouraged if you didn't pre-order because there are still plenty of chances left to get the sweet treats."
Mina Krohn-Vernon, also from Troop 5225, said the key to a successful sale is to be friendly."I mention Cookies for Soldiers," said Abigail Miller of Troop 5140.Those more interested in contributing to Scouting than in purchasing cookies can buy a box or more to be sent to U.S. troops serving overseas. The local Girl Scout Council is collaborating on the Cookies for Soldiers project with the Columbia chapter of Blue Star Mothers of America Inc.

The Girl Scout cookies are in Aiken Standard Aiken, SC:

A Kindness Campaign

"GREELEY, CO (KUNC) - This is National Random Act of Kindness week, and that has KUNC commentator Laura Bridgwater thinking about how one Colorado mother has coped with having a member of her family deployed in the War on Terror.

In my friend Andrea's family reunion photo from a decade ago, her 14-year-old nephew Nick Hein cradles her baby son Brent. In all of the family reunion photos since then Nick is holding Brent, even in the picture from this past summer when Nick was 23-years-old, 6' 2' tall, and Brent was a too-big-to-be-held ten-year-old."

So while most of us haven't sacrificed for the War on Terror as people did
during World War II or protesting, marching, or being drafted as during Vietnam,
Andrea found a way to do something. Like the nonprofit service organization of
women who have or have had children serving in the military called Blue Star
Mothers of America, Andrea is a Blue Star Aunt. Being privy to her actions and
watching her world expand as she reaches out makes me wonder. Whether we support
the war or not, shouldn't we all be Blue Star Individuals?© Copyright 2010, KUNC

full story KUNC: A Kindness Campaign (2010-02-15):

Congratulations to Cheryll Hunt of Grand Blanc

"Congratulations to Cheryll Hunt of Grand Blanc who won the Fat Quarter Stars Quilt from the Blue Star Mothers raffle this past weekend.
Posted by: Carolyn on: February 15, 2010"
Congratulations to Cheryll Hunt of Grand Blanc who won the Fat Quarter Stars Quilt from the Blue Star Mothers raffle this past weekend. « The Quilters Garden Blog:

Monday, February 15, 2010

Restaurant Week sets all-time record

Restaurant Week sets all-time record Taste: Dayton food and restaurants: "By Mark Fisher Friday, February 12, 2010, 07:25 AM
Miami Valley diners’ hunger for a great bargain — combined with perhaps a touch of cabin fever — pushed last month’s Winter Restaurant Week to record-setting levels.
With only a few restaurants left to report their numbers, the Miami Valley Restaurant Association reported this morning, Feb. 12 that 21,216 Restaurant Week meals were served starting Jan. 24 —eclipsing the summer 2009 mark of 19,690 and shattering the record set in winter 2009 of 20,009, which was achieved in part because restaurants extended the promotion to two weeks following a paralyzing snowstorm during week one.
The record numbers “show the willingness of diners across the Miami Valley to help great causes and to try new restaurants,” said Amy Zahora, the restaurant association’s executive director. A touch of cabin fever also helped, as did the fact that a few more restaurants extended the promotion into a second week, Zahora said. Restaurant Week allows diners to order a three-course meal from a special menu for $20.10, with restaurants donating $1 for every special meal sold to local charities. The winter 2010 charities benefitting were Blue Star Mothers, Camp Emanuel and Family Violence Prevention Center of Greene County. "

'Blue Star Moms' offer support when loved ones in military | son, loved, comfort - Local News - Gaston Gazette

"While her son sweated and gasped through U.S. Army boot camp, Tammie Hayes found comfort and friendship on Facebook.
The captain of her son’s platoon at Fort Jackson in Columbia, S.C., posted photos and videos from basic training on the popular social networking site, Hayes said. The Facebook page provided her with a link to new military moms just like her.
“It gave the mothers, the spouses, the siblings and everyone the opportunity to talk to each other and ask questions,” Hayes said. “We can help each other and give that support.”"

It also gave Hayes an idea. The Belmont resident decided to start a local chapter of the Blue Star Mothers, a group for mothers of active and honorably discharged military service members. The organization helps families of fallen troops, sends care packages overseas and raises money for other projects.
“I think it’s going to be a good support group, but we also want to help our soldiers,” said Hayes. “There are more and more who are going to be deployed.”
The Blue Star Mothers of America is a nonprofit organization authorized under the U.S. Code. It is nonpartisan and apolitical, according to its Web site.
“They’re just out for one thing,” Hayes said, “to support each other and support our troops.”
The local group will be the 11th chapter in North Carolina and will be called the Queen City Blue Star Mothers. With the next nearest chapter in Hickory, Hayes hopes Charlotte-area residents as well as those in Gaston County will join.
More... 'Blue Star Moms' offer support when loved ones in military son, loved, comfort - Local News - Gaston Gazette:

Goshen News, Goshen, IN - ‘Blue Star Mothers’ send Valentine's Day packages

oshen News, Goshen, IN - ‘Blue Star Mothers’ send Valentine's Day packages: "By JAMIE BIRR

Valentine’s Day can be an exciting day filled with candlelight dinners, wine and loving sentiments.

Or, it can be a monotonous day filled with canned food, bottled water and waiting for a letter from home.

It just depends on which side of the Atlantic Ocean you reside.

Recently, a local group met to make Valentine’s Day a bit more bearable for some troops serving in Afghanistan and Iraq. At their monthly meeting, the Michiana Blue Star Mothers of America made quick work of assembling approximately 25 care packages filled with homemade cookies, snacks and candies to send to loved ones and their buddies in time for the holiday. The carefully packed boxes included letters and Valentine’s Day cards lovingly made by students from Prairie View Elementary, Mary Feeser Elementary, North Side Middle School and the special education classes from Memorial High School. "

Friday, February 12, 2010

Meridian boys aid the troops

Brothers Trent Pack and Wyatt Nelson already had a shared birthday party, but they decided their gifts could go to someone else — soldiers serving overseas.

The Meridian siblings used their joint party last month to make an appeal for small food, hygienic and entertainment items for U.S. troops serving elsewhere, and it got a strong response.

"I really thought everyone would give one or two items," said their mother, Rachel Nelson. "It took over our laundry room. Every single person brought a whole bag or box of stuff."

She said the boys' desire wasn't out of character; both Trent, 9, and Wyatt, 5, have designs on joining the military when they're old enough.

Around the holidays, a secretary at Trent's school had a list of suggested donations from Tri-County Blue Star Moms for soldiers serving overseas, to whom the not-for-profit group sends care packages.

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boys aid the troops | troops, pack, decided - Local News - Appeal-Democrat

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Soldier still haunted by shooting

"Wounded at Fort Hood, Amber Bahr returns to a hero’s welcome in Random Lake but says she’s not a hero, just a soldier living with physical and emotional scars
Amber Bahr, the 20-year-old soldier from Random Lake whose efforts to save others even after she was shot during the Nov. 5 shooting at Fort Hood, Texas, garnered acclaim from President Barack Obama, came home to a hero’s welcome on Sunday.

At the airport, she was met by 38 Patriot Guard Riders, all holding flags, and Blue Star Mothers, as well as a musician playing patriotic songs on his bugle.

At home, firefighters drove her on a fire truck for a mini-parade through the village to a celebration at Globe Lanes.

“It was overwhelming,” Bahr said. “I knew there were going to be a few people there. I didn’t know the whole town was going to be there. It was crazy.

“It made my heart feel really full toknow that people cared.”
It’s not often a national hero comes from a small town like Random Lake, so it’s natural that the community would turn out to welcome Bahr, who tended to wounded soldiers during the shooting without realizing she had been shot.

But Bahr said she’s not a hero, just a soldier who did her job and looked after her battle buddies."

Soldier still haunted by shooting:

Cub scout Packs 335 &228: cub scout committee notes 2/2/2010

Cub scout Packs 335 &228: cub scout committee notes 2/2/2010: "Saturday, Feb 27 - Our 1st service project of the year!! YAY!! We are going to help out the Blue Star Mothers of Rio Rancho. We did this in December. Everyone who went had a great time. They also got 'MR GOOD BARS' at pack meeting for their service.

We will meet at the church at 11am. We have to be up in Rio Rancho, behind Intel at 12noon. The boys need to be in uniform, too."

Freedom Festival set for Sept 11

"The Board of Works on Wednesday gave the Blue Star Hoosier Mothers permission to hold the third annual Freedom Festival on Sept. 11 at Milligan Park.

The festival, which honors those who died in the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks, features speakers, entertainment and an auction to raise money for care packages sent to military men and women around the world.

Blue Star Hoosier Mothers President Gayle Sosbe represented the group on Wednesday.
She said that in the past four years the local chapter has sent out more than 600 boxes to soldiers filled with gifts. The Blue Star Hoosier Mothers’ next packing party will be on Feb. 20 at 9 a.m. at the New Ross Steak House."
The Journal Review:

Blue Star Mothers seeking new members

"Blue Star Mothers of America North Jersey no. 3, a non-profit service organization made up of mothers who have, or have had children honorably serving in the military, is seeking new members. The annual dues are $20 per year for Mothers.
For more information, visit Blue Star Mothers of America North Jersey no. 3 Facebook page. To join, contact Alice Miller, President, at 973-409-4422, or visit the national Web site at" Blue Star Mothers seeking new members: - Blue Star Mothers want banner back

he local Blue Star Mothers of America organization is seeking the return of a banner reading "Welcome Home Hero. Thank You For Your Service."
The banner was last seen displayed at the Guernsey County Courthouse.
"I don't know what happened," said Laura Edwards-Conrad, president of the local Blue Star Mothers of America. "I would hate to think that somebody stole the banner, but it's definitely missing."
Edwards-Conrad said the organization has a standing agreement with the county commissioners to have the banner erected when a soldier returns from a combat zone.
"It means a lot to our group to have the banner on the courthouse lawn to welcome back our soldiers," she said.
When not on display, the banner was stored by the county.
"It was on display during the holidays because we had a lot of soldiers who were home," said Edwards-Conrad. "We recently went to have it put up again because we have a couple soldiers home and it's gone."
Anyone with information regarding the banner can call Edwards-Conrad at (740) 260-3883.
The banner was donated by Speedy Print of Cambridge.
"Speedy Print has agreed to donate another banner so we can recognize the soldiers we have coming home, but we still want to get the banner returned," said Edwards-Conrad.
The local Blue Star Mothers of America was founded in Cambridge three years ago in order for military families to support each other and soldiers returning home.
The Blue Star Mothers of America meet at 6 p.m. on the last Monday of each month in the Crossroads Branch Library. All military families are welcome to attend the meetings.
( - Blue Star Mothers want banner back

Friday, February 5, 2010

Luncheon to Honor Military

"American Legion Post 507, 24527 Spruce St., Newhall, will host a BBQ luncheon in honor of the active military, recently discharged military, Blue Star Mothers and Gold Star Mothers. 1 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 27. RSVP by Feb. 13 to:"

The Signal - Santa Clarita Valley News - Your Community: Dates to Watch and Upcoming Events:

Day of Thanks

"American Legion Post No. 81 launched a new Day of Thanks Sunday to recognize military support personnel who are an important part of military operation but have never been deployed to a war zone."

We want to acknowledge military personnel support with at least a thank you,” said Rick Villegas, president of the American Legion Riders. “We would like to do it twice a month as long as there is somebody who wants to do it.”Recipients are not usually veterans of the front lines but more along the lines of military service personnel, Villegas said.The first military support personnel recognized during the first-time Day of Thanks ceremony was Sarah Jo Lively.

The ceremony was attended by Lake Havasu City Vice-Mayor Don Callahan, Councilwoman Margaret Nyberg, Blue Star Mothers, American Legion members, the VFW commander as well as Lively’s family members.

Today's News-Herald - Serving Lake Havasu City & The Lower Colorado River Area:

Blue Star Mothers of NH: North Country BSM Parents Group

"Hello to the Blue Star Mothers of the North Country!

We are all set for our first meeting at the *American Legion Post on Tasker Hill Road in Conway .

This first meeting will be held on Saturday, February 13th at 1:00.

This meeting will give us a chance to meet one another, discuss future meeting dates, filling the required positions and the possible activites to support our military family members.

Any questions:"

Blue Star Mothers of NH: North Country BSM Parents Group:

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Resolution to honor the Blue Star Mothers of America, Inc

House Resolution 104 - Introduced

1 1 A Resolution to honor the Blue Star Mothers of America,
1 2 Inc.
1 3 WHEREAS, the Blue Star Mothers of America, Inc., was
1 4 founded as a patriotic service organization on February
1 5 2, 1942, to unite mothers who had sons or daughters in
1 6 the United States armed forces; and
1 7 WHEREAS, the nonpartisan, nonsectarian, and
1 8 nondiscriminatory nonprofit organization was chartered
1 9 by the Congress of the United States in 1960; and
1 10 WHEREAS, persons eligible for membership in the
1 11 organization include mothers and stepmothers who have
1 12 sons or daughters who are currently serving in the
1 13 United States military or who are honorably discharged
1 14 veterans; and...