Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Aspen man's vodka venture supports veterans

"ASPEN — If you’ve tried to buy vodka in the Roaring Fork Valley in the last month, you might have noticed a local newcomer on the top shelf, between the Gray Goose and the Ketel One.

The black-and-gray bottle of Jokä vodka comes looped with dog tags featuring the soldiers’ creed — and a label that touts it as the “Spirit of Aspen.”

“It’s selling,” said Roger Carlson, manager of the Grog Shop. He explained that Jokä is even more likely to sell when people realize the proceeds support veterans."

Though Nedlin has created his own 501(c)3 nonprofit, Charity Assistance
Advisors, he won’t be distributing the money himself. Instead, the money will be
distributed by the Grand Junction chapter of Blue Star Mothers, an organization
of women with children serving in the military.Chapter president Wendy Hoffman
affirmed the needs of veterans by noting that nationwide, one in three homeless
people are veterans. In Grand Junction, she said, that number is even

Aspen man's vodka venture supports veterans AspenTimes.com:

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