Saturday, October 10, 2009

Letters of Appreciation

Donations: "'No one has left this hospital without being taken care of thanks to organizations such as Blue Star Mothers. Blessings and thanks again…' CH Leathers, 10th CSH, Iraq
'Being so far from home makes me sad but groups like SDNC Blue Star Mothers keep our Moral up and keeps us going when the bad times come up. Every little thing brings warmth to our hearts.' Spc. R.R. - Bagdad
Certification of Appreciation 'For hard work and dedication in providing care packages for our paratroopers.' Battalion Chaplain - Afghanistan
Tonight we came to work and we had a huge pile of boxes waiting for us when we arrived. They were all support boxes from you all. Thank you. “the kids” gathered around as I opened them and dumped them on the mail cart for all to share. Let me tell you seeing them start there day off with a smile is something I will never be able to say thank you enough! Everyone got something to there liking from the boxes and all started off the day with a smile... GySgt A.,, Marine Corps, Iraq"

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