Thursday, March 18, 2010

Blue Star Mom gives far more than she takes

By Nancy Kaye Contributing writer
When, at the end of 2004, Pat Soler's son, Kyle, decided to enlist as a private in the United States Army, she wasn't surprised. She and her son had talked about it for some time. One month later, she “enlisted” in the Blue Star Moms.
The Solers can be classified as “a giving family.” Rossmoor resident Pat is now volunteering 50 hours a week for the Blue Star Moms; much-awarded Kyle is now a second lieutenant, serving in Iraq and Afghanistan; and Pat's daughter, Kelly, is a recent UC Santa Barbara graduate, working as a case manager for a homeless shelter.

And indeed, Soler has supported her son as well as thousands of other military personnel by her full-time activities with the Blue Star Moms. In the 5-1/2 years since she joined the 9,000-member organization, she's put in more hours than if she were in a full-time paid job.
She is the group's national financial secretary and active in the local chapter, located in Danville.

Presently, Soler is ecstatic about Kyle's forthcoming award for being the Army's outstanding officer candidate school graduate for 2009. He will receive it in Fort Benning, Georgia, on March 25, that is if he isn't deployed to Afghanistan before then. And if he is, his mother expects to fill in for him.
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