Sunday, April 24, 2011

Blue Star Mothers help to Support Parents

When Joan Van Swol's son was deployed to Iraq the first time, she didn't have the unique level of supportive understanding that she gets with Blue Star Mothers.
"I have a terrific family, but unless you're the mother of a deployed service member, you just don't know what it's like," she said. "No one knows what military moms go through except other military moms."
Blue Star Mothers is a support, social and service group devoted to supporting the moms of active and retired military personnel. The Southeast Wisconsin, Chapter 2 group meets the third Thursday of each month at Sturtevant Village Hall. They share a pot luck meal and discuss upcoming events in which they'll participate, like the Memorial Day parade or putting together care packages for troops currently deployed.



Anonymous said...

The Blue Star Mothers is an awesome organization. I've had the opportunity to particpate in some of their homecoming events for our troops and I've really been touched by the love that they have for our warriors.
They really do care about our troops.

Most of the people in my local chapter don't have kids in the military, they're just thankful for our troops service and they want to be there to show them that.

The group is difinitly a huge support group for moms with deployed kids, but more importantly, it gives our troops something extra to smile about when they get home.

Eight months ago a Marine who lost his legs in combat overseas, returned home and was welcomed by hundreds of people grateful for his sacrifice, in an event organizated by the Blue Star Moms.

Thank you Blue Star Mothers for your service to our troops.

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God bless the Blue Star Mothers!