Sunday, June 14, 2009

War heroes honored with permanent fixture at Dutchmen’s

"CATSKILL — The Catskill Garden Club dedicated a Blue Star Memorial By-Way Marker, a national Garden Club project to honor our nation's Armed Forces, at Dutchman's Landing in Catskill on Saturday.

According to guest speaker Jack Van Loan, director of Veteran Services Agency of Greene County, the original design was patented in 1917 by a World War One Army captain.

Later that year, an Ohio Member of Congress introduced the design into legislation and it was adopted as a service flag so people in the communities would know of the service and sacrifice of their neighbors.The banner, a blue star on a white background with a red border, hung in the windows of families whose loved ones were serving the country.The blue star stood for hope and pride.The banners could have as many as five stars, one for each family member in the armed forces.If a service member died in the line of duty, a small gold star representing sacrifice replaced the blue star. A silver star signaled a soldier wounded in battle.Catskill has two Blue Star and Gold Star mothers. Ruth Vedder Schmidt lost her son in Vietnam and Virginia Calvo lost both a son and her husband, the former in Vietnam and the latter in Korea.“Most people don't realize this country has been at war for the past eighteen years, since August 2, 1990,” Van Loan said.“The Blue Star program recognizes those men and women who are serving the U.S.”"

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