Thursday, April 15, 2010

Military moms collecting cash for Memorial Day care packages

"Boots and bullets are always available, but the military doesn’t issue candy and chewing gum to its troops on the front lines.
The Queen City Blue Star Mothers is providing deployed American service members with the comforts of home this Memorial Day, and the fledgling group is seeking donations to help defray the cost of sending nearly two-dozen care packages.

“We can all go to the convenience store and get a Coke or a candy bar or a book or a magazine or whatever we want, but they can’t do that in Afghanistan,” said Tammie Hayes, the group’s founder. “It’s nice to send them a little piece of home.”
Organizers hope to send 20 care packages to deployed service members later this month. The gifts take three to four weeks to reach the troops and will be sent so they arrive on or before Memorial Day.
“It brightens their day to get something that has nothing to do with the war or with what’s going on,” Hayes said. “It’s just something from home.”
The packages will be stuffed with books, magazines, snacks, prepaid phone cards and small games such as dominoes. Some may also include squeeze balls for stress relief, compact discs and coffee."

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