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Yellow Ribbon event helps prepare soldiers, family for mobilization

"By Tammy Pearson
Nebraska City News Press
Posted Apr 11, 2010 @ 01:34 PM
Last update Apr 11, 2010 @ 01:48 PM
Nebraska City, Neb. — When members of the 192nd Military Police Detachment, which is based in Nebraska City, are mobilized May 22, they will have many concerns on their minds — not the least of which will be the family they are leaving behind.

Putting their minds at ease is one of the most important goals of the “Yellow Ribbon” pre-mobilization event held Sunday, said 1st Lt. Joseph Sanchez, the unit’s commander.

The event, held at Northside Elementary School, provided the soldiers and their families with briefings on a variety of topics ranging from medical coverage to personal finances, child and youth services, and “emotional cycles of deployment.”

“Everyone worries about family when deployed,” said Sanchez. The briefings help “put their minds at ease knowing there are resources and support available” for their families.

“It alleviates the stress on the service member so he or she can focus on the mission and returning safely,” said Sanchez.

“We know if there’s an issue (back home), there will be help available,” said Sanchez."
A variety of organizations had informational booths available at the Yellow Ribbon event including veterans groups, the Nebraska Ministerial Association, and several Department of Defense organizations that provide services to military members and families, such as the Joint Family Support Assistance Program and the Nebraska Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve.

The Nebraska City chapter of Blue Star Mothers was also represented. Paula
Waterfield and Lucille Sharp, both of whom have sons in the military, manned the
booth to share information about the support the group offers to family
members.Anyone with a family member in the military can join the group, they

Waterfield’s son has served in the military for 21 years and is currently in Iraq. Sharp’s son has served 17 years and will be stationed in Heidelberg, Germany soon.Both women said representing Blue Star Mothers is a way they can serve those who serve their country. The group also sends packages overseas to support the military.With members of the 192nd Military Police Detachment coming from a wide area, most do not have family in Nebraska City; however, the community is important to the unit’s members, Sanchez said.

Yellow Ribbon event helps prepare soldiers, family for mobilization - Nebraska City, NE - Nebraska City News-Press:

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