Monday, November 16, 2009

Blue Star Mothers send Care Packages Overseas

Veterans Day was last week, but our troops are still in harm's way, with many more likely on their way overseas.
Fortunately, efforts continue to support veterans and military servicemen. The Blue Star Mothers of America, a nonprofit which works to support veterans and the mothers of those who've been sent off to war, organizes events for volunteers to package and ship gifts to overseas troops.
San Diego-based Chris Morrow filmed a Blue Star Mothers event in California for CNN iReport.
In the video, Blue Star Mothers Pam Woodward introduces the organization, and Sgt. Michael Scofield details the assortment of goods that can go in each customizable box.
For his shipment overseas, Scofield selects magazines, batteries, a DVD of "The Mexican" starring Brad Pitt and Julia Roberts, coffee, sardines, beef jerky, microwave popcorn, loofahs (to which he remarks, "Our female soldiers will love this"), Mike & Ikes, gum and toothbrushes.
After filling up his package, Scofield encourages people watching the video to get involved in community action to support the military. "It's part of our country," he says. "It's what makes us great."

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