Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Blue Star Mothers « The War Machine

"My Mom is part of a group in Nevada call the blue star mothers. If you have ever seen the flags that people sometimes hang in their windows when they have a family member deployed, its a white flag with a red border, and a big blue star in the center.
The flag (It’s called a Service Flag) originated all the way back in WW1, and was used in WW2 as well. It kind of lost its way in Vietnam, (since there were so many who didn’t approve) but has as of late come back into use. A lot of people don’t fly them however, as it lets some people know that someone is missing from that household. It’s unfortunate, but people are out there who will take advantage of anything if they can.

The Blue Star Mothers Club started back in 1942, and the requirement is you must have a child who is active duty, or was in and is now discharged honorably. If you want to read about them, you can do so here.
So of course, my mom being the proud mom she is, is the treasurer for her chapter and as you can see we got some packages from them. The guys were circling them like a shark feeding frenzy once I opened them. The cookies were of course a big hit.
I would like to take this moment to thank all those Blue Star Mom’s out there for the support that they give. People may not understand, but you are just as much in this war as we are. And I know that I (as well as others) couldn’t make it through all this without you.

MAIL CALL: Thanks so much for the 4 care packages BSM’s! My platoon thanks you!"

Blue Star Mothers « The War Machine:

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