Monday, November 16, 2009

Valley Celebrates Veterans Day

: "Patriotic red, white and blue could be seen throughout Gibbel Park on Wednesday during Hemet’s first-ever Veterans Day celebration of those who served this country.

Ed Bardwell, 83, served in World War II, Korea, and Vietnam during his years in the Marine Corps. Before the ceremony, three young Marines dressed in battle dress uniforms came up to Bardwell and shook his hand.

“I was always in the Marine Corps,” Bardwell said wearing a uniform displaying, among other medals, a Purple Heart.

Bardwell, a native of Vermont, has called Southern California his home for 35 years, and he said, as a veteran, he is always touched by ceremonies such as the one Hemet held.

“It means a lot to remember the veterans,” he said.

Teresa Bullock and her husband, Mike, came out to remember her son, Army Staff Sgt. Christopher Webb, who was killed nearly three years ago in Iraq."

Webb, whose name is on the memorial wall in Hemet, was married and had a 7-month-old daughter when he died. He also had a brother who is serving new and was at Fort Hood during the deadly rampage last week.“My other son called me to say that he was fine,” Bullock said said.Bullock said she is a member of the American Gold Star families (those who lost a son or a daughter) and Blue Star families (those with children serving in the military).“I get one of each,” she said, pointing to her shirt with the two pins.

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