Saturday, January 16, 2010

21 Soldiers get Grand Sendoff

Across the Grand Valley, residents gathered on street corners to wave goodbye to 21 local soldiers heading to Iraq.

Reporter: lizz marrs

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With heavy bags, and heavy hearts, the 282nd Engineering Company prepared to depart for Iraq.

More than 50 motorcyclists, law enforcement patrol cars, and military hum–vees were part of honoring these troops with a heart–felt farewell.

While history repeated itself for mother Amy Ocampo, this is the 3rd time she's saying goodbye to her son. Ocampo says, "it doesn't get easier, it never gets easier."

And Private First Class Aleisha Klouzek, for the first time, gave final hugs, for 400–days, to her two little girls. She said,"it's really hard, it's really hard, but they are what will keep me strong."

But at least despite the tears, they would all have a sendoff to remember.

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