Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sending gifts and love to the troops

"When the United States fought in World War I, Americans at home did their part to conserve food so there would be more to feed American soldiers and to ship to our European Allies. Food schedules were posted, denoting which meals should be meatless, wheatless, porkless or some combination of the three. On Saturdays, for example, breakfast was meatless, lunch was porkless and the evening meal was supposed to be both wheatless and porkless.*"
It was quite a contrast to today, when the country is engaged in two wars that have had little impact on the day-to-day existence of most Americans.
For family members of those troops, however, the fighting is not something they can or want to forget.
In Duluth, a group of mothers decided that they would form an organization for mothers and stepmothers of servicemen and women that would meet on a regular basis. That was about a year ago; now they are called the Lake Superior Chapter of the Blue Star Mothers.


Sending gifts and love to the troops Duluth News Tribune Duluth, Minnesota:

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