Thursday, January 14, 2010

Workers encounter flag problems

"Four communities took part in raising a mammoth flag on Main Street, to be displayed as Spc. Brian Bowman's funeral procession drove by.

But there were a few obstacles along the way, including the fact that the first flag they secured when opened had pink stripes inside of white.

'It looked like it must have been wet when the put it away and it faded,' said Eric Small, Crawfordsville fire chief. 'Then we had to find another one.'

The flag used came from the town of Brownsburg.

In order to have the flag fly over Washington Street, two aerial trucks were needed. Crawfordsville has one and the Greencastle fire department agreed to bring its truck to assist."

Then came the issue with the wind. When the flag was hung around 10 a.m. it was getting tangled in the stoplights. It was taken down until just before the funeral procession came through downtown. Before that, it got tangled in one of the aerial trucks and had to be fixed approximately 10 minutes before the procession drove under it.The funeral procession lasted approximately seven minutes in downtown.Blue Star Mothers volunteers were out distributing American flags to businesses and individuals. Those handing out the flags were Stacey Larkin, Brook Groves, Shannon Claycomb and Carla Claycomb.

Workers encounter flag problems - The Paper of Montgomery Co. - Crawfordsville, IN:

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