Friday, February 12, 2010

Meridian boys aid the troops

Brothers Trent Pack and Wyatt Nelson already had a shared birthday party, but they decided their gifts could go to someone else — soldiers serving overseas.

The Meridian siblings used their joint party last month to make an appeal for small food, hygienic and entertainment items for U.S. troops serving elsewhere, and it got a strong response.

"I really thought everyone would give one or two items," said their mother, Rachel Nelson. "It took over our laundry room. Every single person brought a whole bag or box of stuff."

She said the boys' desire wasn't out of character; both Trent, 9, and Wyatt, 5, have designs on joining the military when they're old enough.

Around the holidays, a secretary at Trent's school had a list of suggested donations from Tri-County Blue Star Moms for soldiers serving overseas, to whom the not-for-profit group sends care packages.

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