Wednesday, February 10, 2010 - Blue Star Mothers want banner back

he local Blue Star Mothers of America organization is seeking the return of a banner reading "Welcome Home Hero. Thank You For Your Service."
The banner was last seen displayed at the Guernsey County Courthouse.
"I don't know what happened," said Laura Edwards-Conrad, president of the local Blue Star Mothers of America. "I would hate to think that somebody stole the banner, but it's definitely missing."
Edwards-Conrad said the organization has a standing agreement with the county commissioners to have the banner erected when a soldier returns from a combat zone.
"It means a lot to our group to have the banner on the courthouse lawn to welcome back our soldiers," she said.
When not on display, the banner was stored by the county.
"It was on display during the holidays because we had a lot of soldiers who were home," said Edwards-Conrad. "We recently went to have it put up again because we have a couple soldiers home and it's gone."
Anyone with information regarding the banner can call Edwards-Conrad at (740) 260-3883.
The banner was donated by Speedy Print of Cambridge.
"Speedy Print has agreed to donate another banner so we can recognize the soldiers we have coming home, but we still want to get the banner returned," said Edwards-Conrad.
The local Blue Star Mothers of America was founded in Cambridge three years ago in order for military families to support each other and soldiers returning home.
The Blue Star Mothers of America meet at 6 p.m. on the last Monday of each month in the Crossroads Branch Library. All military families are welcome to attend the meetings.
( - Blue Star Mothers want banner back

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