Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Kindness Campaign

"GREELEY, CO (KUNC) - This is National Random Act of Kindness week, and that has KUNC commentator Laura Bridgwater thinking about how one Colorado mother has coped with having a member of her family deployed in the War on Terror.

In my friend Andrea's family reunion photo from a decade ago, her 14-year-old nephew Nick Hein cradles her baby son Brent. In all of the family reunion photos since then Nick is holding Brent, even in the picture from this past summer when Nick was 23-years-old, 6' 2' tall, and Brent was a too-big-to-be-held ten-year-old."

So while most of us haven't sacrificed for the War on Terror as people did
during World War II or protesting, marching, or being drafted as during Vietnam,
Andrea found a way to do something. Like the nonprofit service organization of
women who have or have had children serving in the military called Blue Star
Mothers of America, Andrea is a Blue Star Aunt. Being privy to her actions and
watching her world expand as she reaches out makes me wonder. Whether we support
the war or not, shouldn't we all be Blue Star Individuals?© Copyright 2010, KUNC

full story KUNC: A Kindness Campaign (2010-02-15):

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