Thursday, December 27, 2007

A blue-star Christmas

"The three blue stars on the banner hanging from the front door of Patricia Williams' two-bedroom home in Salem, Ind., say more about her Christmas 2007 then all our bright lights, joyful carols and endless presents could ever express.
She has a son and a son-in-law already with the Army in Iraq -- and a second Army son stationed in Texas who will be shipping over in January.
None of the three will be home today.
'My mind is never off that,' she said.

...What's most helped her through all this has been the Blue Star Mothers of America (, an organization founded in 1942 that linked mothers of men and women in service across the nation.
It's a group that not only provides emotional support to mothers at monthly meetings, but works to send care packages, and lower airline fares, for military families.
Families place a blue star on a banner for each member in the service -- and a gold star for each who dies in the line of duty. There are five blue star chapters in Indiana and three in Kentucky. "

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