Thursday, December 13, 2007

Grown children at war are not forgotten

"Gale Carroll, past president of Central Valley Blue Star Moms, displays a handmade sign, one of several related items the group makes and sells to help raise money to offset the cost of shipping items to overseas military sons and daughters."

By Margaret Slaby / The Fresno Bee
12/12/07 17:37:33
Some moms join support groups after giving birth to their first child.
Others help themselves through those trying toddler years.
And then there are the Central Valley Blue Star Moms.
This is a group of women who have joined forces after seeing their children go to war.
"We're here to help people who have family members serving in the military," says Gale Carroll, a Fresno resident whose two sons are in the service.
Formed in Fresno in early 2003, the Central Valley Blue Star Moms is one of 15 California chapters of the Blue Star Mothers of America.
Blue Star Mothers of America was founded in 1943 and chartered by Congress in 1960; there are chapters in 34 states.
The Central Valley Blue Star Moms has about 25 members; 15 are very active, says Carroll, a charter member and past president. The group topped out at about 50 members in 2003, Carroll says. City Life: Grown children at war are not forgotten:

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