Sunday, August 9, 2009

Local Military Moms Raise Money For Airman Read

"You might remember, in July, Airman Colman Read went to Travis Air Force Base, near Sacramento, for a surgery to remove his gall bladder. A mistake was made and due to excessive blood loss, both of his legs were amputated. Read now needs numerous surgeries to fix the mistake. That is why The Tri Counties Blue Star Moms organization held a fundraiser in Live Oak, Thursday, to help pay for the medical expenses. From buying a plate of pasta to participating in raffles, people from all over California came to this event to give their support.

California Senate Candidate, Rick Keene told Action News, "We have it so good here in this country and we don't realize that there are people here that are really giving their all to make sure we can have time to enjoy what we have so coming out and just lending a little of support with financial help is the least we can do."Military mothers say this event is not just about raising money for Read, but it is also about raising awareness. Danby said, "If our military can't take care of our own kids, it's a real problem."A problem supporters hope Read will overcome. "I wish him the best, I pray he has the courage to go on everyday and to recover to the best of his ability," Danby expressed. Organizers raised $4,500 from Thursday's fundraiser. Airman Colton Read was transferred to an Air Force Base near his hometown in Texas, Thursday, where he will undergo additional surgeries and rehab. "

Local Military Moms Raise Money For Airman Read - CBS 12 Action News:

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