Thursday, November 22, 2007

Blue Star Moms Hope To Make Thanksgiving Overseas More Special|

Blue Star Moms Hope To Make Thanksgiving Overseas More SpecialNewsChannel 8: "The war on terrorism has been going on for years now. But, support for troops pours out, especially during the holidays.

Right now, Oklahoma has thousands of troops deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan. NewsChannel 8's Kim Jackson found out how moms fight the pain of war. Blue Star moms are packing up boxes and those boxes are headed off to soldiers in Iraq. Today, we met one mom reflecting on her sons and their service this holiday.

"I try not to watch news too much," says Monica McCann. "It's very depressing and I don't want to keep that in front of me. People see my pin and we talk and they find out I have three sons in the service." Isaac and Michael are both in Iraq. Brother John is a brand new Marine. "And I have seven boys and I've had a couple of people tell me, that if I lose one child at least I have six more," Monica says. Her pin draws that kind of attention, and more. "

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