Thursday, November 22, 2007

Serving on Thanksgiving

The Cincinnati Post - Serving on Thanksgiving:
"By Kevin Eigelbach Post staff reporter

For the first time, Pfc. Nicholas Bolmer will miss Thanksgiving dinner at home this year.
Bolmer will eat Turkey in Iraq, where he's serving, with the rest of his Army unit. If she's lucky, his mother may get a phone call from him today at her Southgate home. If not, he'll call on Sunday, the usual day the Army gives him to do laundry and take care of personal business.
"It's tough. The holidays are tough," said his mother, Sharon Bolmer, as she started to cry.
Many tri-state homes will have empty spaces at the Thanksgiving table today, with loved ones away in Iraq or Afghanistan.
As the war in Iraq enters its fifth year, the toll in lives lost and lives disrupted continues to grow. Many of those serving overseas are in the National Guard or the Reserves, and enjoyed civilian lives before their call-up, serving only part-time in the military as so-called weekend warriors...

...She shares her concerns with fellow members of the Blue Star Mothers of Northern Kentucky, a support group for mothers with children in the military. They will soon get together to put together and send Christmas care packages to their children."

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