Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Sending Christmas Packages

senior-spectrum.com - news: "Blue Star Moms Sending Christmas Packages By Mia Smitt Contributing Writer Six-hundred boxes! The Sacramento Blue Star Moms (BSM) plan to pack and send 600 care packages to troops serving in Iraq and Afghanistan this week alone. They held fundraising events throughout the year and collected donations from individuals and small and large companies. They’re still shopping for the best deals on snacks and toiletries. And the packages are coming together! The first 249 boxes went to the post office on Saturday, November 10. Another 256 packages went on Saturday, November 17. What is a Blue Star Mom? The Blue Star Mothers of America started as a group of women who had children serving in the military. The first group was formed in Flint, Michigan in 1942 during World War II. These mothers worked in train stations, USO offices, meeting halls and hospitals. They nurtured young soldiers who were away from home. They packed care packages of treats from home for soldiers heading overseas. "

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