Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Mothers carry Blue Stars in parade

KVOA News 4, Tucson, Arizona - Mothers carry Blue Stars in parade: "Mothers who have sons and daughters serving overseas were among those who marched in today's Tucson Veterans Day Parade. They call themselves Blue Star Mothers.
Their tradition dates back to World War I, when mothers with children in the war hung banners with blue stars, so everyone would know.
Chrissy Harlan, a Blue Star Mother, says, "I have one hanging in my home and at my office."
Today Harlan and other mothers carried their banners in the parade.
Helen Quigley, who belongs to the group, says, "Just like I supported them when they were young, being in P.T.A. and in sports, this is my way of supporting my son."
Elizabeth Guerra says her star represents her daughter. Guerra says, "She's been in the service for six years and she just reenlisted for six more years."
A national group, Blue Star Mothers regularly send care packages to military overseas.
U.S. Army Specialist Donald Topar, whose mother is a Blue Star, says, "It means a lot that we get something like that and that we do have people back home who do support us."
Members of the mothers group also support each other.
U.S. Navy Petty Officer Richard Rodriquez is glad his mother belongs. He says, "In all honesty, it's easier for us getting shot at because that's something we accepted. Our families didn't have that choice. They just have got to suffer through with our service. And now they have an organization to help them with that."
Barb League, of Blue Star Mothers, says, "If you're having a bad day, you can pick up the phone and call another parent."
Linda Cagle used to be a Blue Star. Now she has a silver star because her son was wounded in the war. Cagle says, "The Army, the Navy, Marines has very good support for the wives. But it doesn't have very good support for the mothers."
In today's parade Salette Latas rode in an antique black car with a gold star. Latas says, "It means we've lost a solider who was serving his country, and so it's definitely a club that nobody wants to join."
But it is a club these mothers want you to remember on Veterans Day.
Tucson's chapter of Blue Star Mothers is new and small. It welcomes new members. For more information, you can email debbiebluestar@msn.com."

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